The Amazing Lens Technology “Lumus”




The Amazing Lens Technology “Lumus”

While everyone is excited about Google Glass, the new amazing lens technology is going to change wearables. Lumus is the next product that will mesmerize customer with its outstanding features. The 720p model displays a binocular image at near HD quality right in front of your face, allowing you to watch movies, play games, and even interact with mobile devices on a screen floating in mid-air. You probably never heard of Lumus now, but expect to be hearing big news from them in the future.

Lumus is still being developed and the team is starting to add a full Android computer and camera to create a system putting Google Glass to embarrassment. Ari Grobman, who is a representative for Lumus, praises how a device so small can do magnificent wonders beyond its measure of capability. Lumus displays everything in front of your eyes and you are able to control all features with hand motion gestures. For example, getting a notification can be swiped easily using your hand letting the user know it’s been read, and map can be displayed while you are walking if you need direction. Video content and information can be attained in the blink of an eye and simultaneously connected to what you want to see and what you need to see.

Lumus is still not ready in order to be in the big market yet but the company is working with many major manufactures to get the best technology there is and testing their beta version for trial and error. One feature that Lumus is trying to step up is gaming application. Ari Grobman is trying to create hands-free and virtual gaming console into their devices that will really put Google Glass to shame. Lumus is also going to wait for Google Glass to launch their products into the market first since they are the first to getting people used to wearable on the face. It’s not a bad idea waiting considering the fact that it can improve on programs that Google Glass is lacking.

I think this is a great idea and how it’s competing with Google Glass. By wearing the binocular-looking-glass, you can have all access just as a computer does and use it at your own convenience. Wearable are looking like the next technology that will shape this world and evolve laptops to using glasses. It’s still work in progress but is hoping to become a success once it gets launched. As mentioned earlier, Lumus is going to wait for Google Glass to hit the market first then launch their binocular glasses that actually look good on people’s face with different design and colors. Lumus is not going to be released to the public just like Google Glass is limited as of now so that it can be tested first without having any defect. The company plans to encourage developers to create application for the platform and improve its setting for the user. It’s probably going to cost a lot of money as well even though it hasn’t been announced yet. Google Glass is roughly about $1,500 so my guess would be that of similar depending on the system.



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